How to Reinvent the Tennis Experience with Design and Data

Infosys Tennis Platform

How to Reinvent the Tennis Experience with Design and Data
Multiple phone mockups of the digital experience for the Infosys Tennis Platform laid out diagonally on the right with a blurred yellow tennis ball in the foreground on the left.

As the Digital Innovation Partner for the Australian Open, ATP & Roland-Garros, Infosys Rose to the challenge to enable a new remote experience for tennis fans with data and analytics on an enhanced platform.

This platform enables fans, players and coaches, broadcasters, journalists, and officials to experience league tennis matches with a new set of immersive and intelligent tools that aid in diving deep into the sport.

Leveraging research, design, AI, 3D, and other digital solutions for enhancing match viewing, tournament reporting, broadcast editing, and player training experiences – we set a new digital standard for sporting tournaments.


For a new perspective, you need a new context. And being courtside is just the place to get it. Using the universal language of sport, we engaged with executives across the Australian Open,
ATP, and Roland-Garros tournaments in a design-thinking workshop after the matches. A thrilling exercise in reimagination – of tennis, business and experience, present and future. The learning from the workshop instills a new approach to rethink challenging problems and unlocks the ability to inspire creative confidence in enterprise teams.

Through this detailed design-thinking approach, we narrowed down on key features and functionalities like:

The Match Beats 

This provides a way for fans to visually track ebbs and flows of the game. Fans can filter key match moments to see performance by winners, errors, aces and more.

Stroke Summary

No two strokes are equal, and Stroke Summary separates the ones that impact the match the most. By analysing success rate across ground strokes, lobs, volleys, and other stroke types, this tool enables a view of every player’s arsenal of style.

3D CourtVision

Four camera angles. Hundreds of ball trajectories. And thousands of data points in 3D. Now imagine all this live for every match on tour. That’s what 3D CourtVision delivers, in an immersive web-based experience that takes fans from live replays to live insight in real time.

ATP Tour Fan App

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app delivers official live scores, stats, news and video with a personalised feed featuring fans’ favourite players and tournaments. It’s all on tap in an intuitive interface that’s high on design and performance.

Players Portal

Designed for players to elevate their game, this portal uses artificial intelligence to spot patterns using more than 1000 parameters. The AI produces video clips that are served to players and coaches to allow them to study their game. A valuable tool in their strategic arsenal, they can filter the videos to analyse precise areas of play, like the opponent’s serve at break points or shots won with a backhand slice.

Rally Analysis

Some play long. Some race to finish. This tool enables a better understanding of playing styles, analysing performance at each shot length, from serve to 8 shots and beyond. Each shot length metric provides views of winners, forced errors and unforced errors with a frequency map. Using this, one can pinpoint a player’s sweet spot and potential endurance levels.

Beyond the Numbers

Those who believe numbers don’t tell the complete story have not fully engaged with the power of analytics. With the stats that every match provides, we can come up with some pretty interesting stories.


Our purposeful approach to tournaments delivered a sense of true immersion and community impact. Through digital experiences powered by AR, VR, 3D technologies, we’re engaging fans, players, coaches and journalist in a more experiential way to bring the entire ecosystem closer together, and closer to the action.

  1. 1.17 B digital impressions (AO 2023). Our marketing campaign for AO generated the highest-ever digital reach in the history of Infosys.
  2. 35.6+ M fans views recorded on Infosys Match Centre (RG22).
  3. 1+ M new users downloaded the official Roland-Garros App, powered by Infosys (RG22).
  4. 50+ articles published covering the official Infosys and Roland-Garros partnership announcement press release, globally.
  5. Asian Experience Awards — “Australia Digital Experience of the Year - IT Services”
  6. Sports Business Awards London 2021 — “Sports Technology of the Year - Silver”
  7. Gartner peer insights — 5 star rating
  8. AFE — GOLD
  9. STA Award — Shortlisted 2021 & 23
  10. Australian Open bags 2 golds with over 650+ entries at the Shark Awards – 2019 Best B2B Campaign & Best Technology Led Campaign
  11. DIGIES — Digital Award 2019 - Best Use of Technology
  12. Webby Honoree Award 2023
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