How to Live With Deadly Thoughts

Black Dog Institute

How to Live With Deadly Thoughts
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Approximately 400,000 Australians experience suicidal ideation each year. We created the first online self-help tool aiding people to manage their thoughts.

the challenge

Suicidal thoughts often precede plans and attempts. While effective treatments for suicidal thinking are available, many individuals do not seek out help due to factors including lack of perceived need, preference to manage the problem alone, stigma, shame, beliefs about receiving professional help, fear of hospitalization, and having previously experienced negative support.


We worked with Black Dog Institute to create Living with Deadly Thoughts, an anonymous platform and the first online self-help tool in APAC to help individuals aged 18+ overcome the barriers of treatment and take the first step to managing suicidal thinking.

With thorough and diligent research, always following strict guidelines, we created a platform enabling anonymous self-help online aimed at addressing key barriers and aiding those seeking help.

By using considered user journeys and focusing on key groups, we created a product factoring in every possible design detail, from implications of color, fonts, and device to the mood and mindset of the user to maximize a positive outcome.


In the process, we created an avenue to reach people with suicidal thinking and prevent escalation to suicidal behaviour or suicide itself.

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