How to Give a European Drugstore a Global Footprint in Asia

dm-drogerie markt in Korea

How to Give a European Drugstore a Global Footprint in Asia
An iPhone being held in a right hand showing the online store design of dm-drogerie markt in Korea.

Korea is one of the most competitive beauty markets in the world, but we managed to successfully introduce and establish the most popular drugstore brand in Germany on the other side of the globe – keeping in mind the cultural differences.

the challenge

dm-drogerie markt operates over 3,500 retail outlets across Europe, offering a wide selection of body, skin, and hair care products with more than 14,000 products available. For the first time, dm-drogerie markt is introducing its most beloved brands in South Korea. But how to position the brand so it stands out in the competitive Korean beauty market? What are the cultural differences to be aware of when launching a brand on the other side of the world? What do local consumers look for when getting to know a new brand?


From branding strategies to cross-cultural communication, our local professionals support the brand’s first entry into a totally different market. Cross-cultural brand communication is more than merely translating the brand or the product descriptions into the local language. WongDoody Asia Pacific supports brands to understand and overcome cultural differences, setting up cross-cultural branding communication strategies to be more closely connected with the local market.


With detailed planning and a deep understanding of the Korean beauty landscape, we were able to establish a strong foothold for dm-drogerie markt in South Korea and proved that it's possible to excel in a highly competitive market, even across vast distances and cultural differences.

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