How to Redefine Event Experience

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

How to Redefine Event Experience
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Accelerating the F1 Australian Grand Prix and Moto GP World Championship Events towards a digital future.

the challenge

What started as a brief to redesign the Australian Grand Prix (AGPC) website became more focused on attracting long-term return customers and — as the AGPC is headed up by the minister for tourism, sport, and major events — it was also a job to attract visitors to Melbourne.

We had to grow audiences from exploration to conversion, persuading people on the peripherals of both Formula 1 and Moto GP to become lifelong loyal customers and with only a 4-month window, we had to work at speed.


Our goal was to redefine the event experience through a digital ecosystem.

From a functionality perspective, this included delivering a considered, tactile, and transparent information architecture that hugely simplified ticketing. Design-wise we opted to celebrate Melbourne’s unique personality, upping the international exposure of the city, leveraging Melbourne’s cultural scene to make the globe-trotting race series more relevant to Aussies.

Considered changes to the site brought the world of motorsport closer to current, occasional, and new fans by using content that AGPC created to build cultural relevancy and associations with passion points outside of the sport via music, fashion, and film to bring the events into the future, turning it from a one-off event into a year round engagement opportunity.

We concepted across all touch points using 360 customer data to be able to tailor the experience to individual user groups and audiences, along with utilizing design styles including animations, transitions, and mind-blowing exploding visual interactions to create and curate content for pre, during and after to activate much longer tail engagement.


2 events, 8 days, 4.1 million viewers, and 420,000 attendees.

It was the most widely attended F1 event in history.

AGPC saw a 154% increase in traffic during event week and a 218% increase in traffic in the months leading to the event.

The event went onto play a pivotal role in Melbourne and Victoria’s economic impact, contributing AU$171 million in value.

“We’re so happy with everything so far and the approach the team has taken, we really appreciate the update and all your hard work.”
– Arthur Gillion, General Manager
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