WongDoody began with two people who wanted to make incredible work (and make payroll). We’ve grown since then, but the goal is still the same — build a collaborative partnership that gets it done.

Our Leading Humans

Headshot of Tracy Wong

Tracy Wong


Headshot of Ben Wiener

Ben Wiener


Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Skyler Mattson

Skyler Mattson


Headshot of Grace Francis

Grace Francis


Global Chief Creative and Design Officer
Headshot of Ralph Gehrig

Ralf Gehrig


Global Chief Experience Officer
Headshot of Tod Rathbone

Tod Rathbone


Global Chief Strategy Officer
Headshot of Michael Chang

Michael Chang


General Manager, NA
Headshot of Josh Mooney

Josh Mooney


SVP, Business Development, NA
Headshot of Steve Orenstein

Steve Orenstein


Chief Financial Officer, NA
Headshot of Jessica Wittebort

Jessica Wittebort


Chief Experience Officer, NA
Headshot of Pete Gosselin

Pete Gosselin


Executive Creative Director, NA
Headshot of Christy Ferguson

Christy Ferguson


SVP, Client Partnerships, NA
Headshot of Tarik West

Tarik West


SVP, People, NA
Headshot of Mariel Cunningham

Mariel Cunningham


Head of New Business, NA
Headshot of Jacqueline Gellner

Jacqueline Gellner


Head of Marketing/PR, NA
Headshot of Erica Combe

Erica Combe


Head of Talent, NA
Headshot of Lindsay Wall

Lindsay Wall


Regional Head, EMEA
Headshot of Erkin Aydin

Erkin Aydin


Head of Operations and Engagement, EMEA
Headshot of Neil Clayton

Neil Clayton


Head of Business Development, EMEA
Headshot of Jamie Mancini

Jamie Mancini


Executive Creative Director, EMEA
Headshot of Val Proietti

Val Proietti


Head of Product Design, EMEA
Headshot of Kim Abbott

Kim Abbott


Head of Service Design, EMEA
Headshot of Bindya Raj

Bindya Raj


AVP, Strategy, Planning and Operations, India
Headshot of Binooj Purayath

Binooj Purayath


Regional Head, India
Headshot of Mohan Krishnaraj

Mohan Krishnaraj


Chief Experience Officer, India
Headshot of Paul Beardsell

Paul Beardsell


Managing Director, AUS/NZ
Headshot of James Noble

James Noble


Chief Experience Officer, AUS/NZ
Headshot of Laura Laubinger

Laura Laubinger


Managing Director, Asia
Headshot of Cami Chiang

Cami Chiang


Executive Business Director, Asia

by the way, we’re hiring.


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