How to Make Swiss Skin Care Glow in China

Louis Widmer

How to Make Swiss Skin Care Glow in China
A blonde smiling woman is wearing striped pajamas while laying on a bed and holding a facial cream by Louis Widmer in her right hand.

We created branding through understanding for Louis Widmer to adapt the brand to a new culture while maintaining its core values and identity, creating awareness and visibility in one of the most demanding e-commerce markets in the world.

Louis Widmer operates its own subsidiaries in five countries and has a huge presence around the globe. When entering the Chinese market, building up brand awareness and visibility in China is essential to developing the e-commerce business.


For successful branding, it was imperative to get a deep understanding of the Louis Widmer brand, its products and its rich history. Merely translating slogans would not do it justice. Instead, we adapted the brand to fit China’s cultural and consumer expectations while preserving core values and brand identity. An important factor for this is the dermocosmetic and pharmaceutical approach of Louis Widmer. These certifications serve as an appealing and unique selling point to build a trusting relationship with customers.

In addition to operating the social media presence of Louis Widmer in China, we decided to strategically place PR in Chinese media.


Since 2018, Louis Widmer’s products are available for Chinese consumers via a Tmall global flagship store run by WongDoody Asia Pacific. Our marketing specialists have successfully organized several live-streaming cooperations during the biggest shopping festivals on Tmall to continuously extend the visibility and the success of the brand.

We achieved a 50 percent membership growth within 3 months, successfully launched new SKUs, have a top store rating in the skin care category and maintain steady long-term cooperation with mid- to top-tier KOLs.

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