How We Got Gen Z to Fall in Love with Classical Music

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

How We Got Gen Z to Fall in Love with Classical Music
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We worked with one of the most accomplished orchestras in the world to define and design an experience that would appeal to a whole new generation of fans while still keeping the core audience satisfied. Our new design experience won Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards and introduced Gen Z to a whole new genre of music.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra wanted to diversify and attract new audiences, establishing an appetite for orchestral music for younger generations while maintaining and elevating the website experience for their current audience. 

After establishing an appetite for orchestral music for younger generations, we looked to build a dual experience that satisfied both groups (older audiences were having difficulty using the online booking system, flooding the call center to purchase tickets).


Through deep data and research into new and existing audiences, we found out how to maximise the user experience for the established fan base while opening the doors to a new, younger audience.

Sydney’s youth wanted more than just a performance, they wanted to make the symphony part of an encompassing night-time experience.

We created a livelier evening programme with SSO, focusing on the emotive elements of a complete night out, not just the performance itself. Building a culturally led world that is reflected in the vibrant look of the new website making sure we were in tune with our audience.

Meanwhile, older audiences were having trouble buying tickets online, and instead flooded the phones trying to purchase tickets. We understood that they preferred matinee performances. These subtle details helped us shift not only the way online ticket sales happened, and how performances were scheduled, but also how all that information was displayed online.


Visits to the website are up 40% and page views have doubled. Online ticket sales are also vastly streamlined — what once took 5 to 10 minutes now takes 2, which means that the symphony has seen a 79% drop in people exiting the site prior to payment. Instead of reaching only die-hard fans, the new site is a clarion call to a diverse audience looking for a world-class musical experience as the core of an incredible night out.

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