How to Become a Leading Omnichannel Drugstore

dm-drogerie markt

How to Become a Leading Omnichannel Drugstore
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the challenge

Europe’s largest drugstore and Germany’s most popular retailer: meet dm-drogerie markt. As their digital lead agency, we’ve had the privilege of accompanying them on their journey into the digital world.

But how did dm manage to transform from a brick-and-mortar retailer to one of the leading omnichannel drugstores?


We’ve helped create an entire digital ecosystem that puts the customer and their convenience first. We want to create an experience that’s easy, fun and even inspiring—across all touchpoints.

To achieve this, we work in different service and innovation fields for dm in Germany and across Europe:

Creation of future-proof campaigns & communications: We address customers based on their individual preferences and needs and try to generate value in every brand interaction. This includes social media and addressing the next generation of customers in digital channels with content marketing.

Experience design: Together with dm, we co-create e-commerce shopping opportunities and services that smartly connect online & offline to build a seamless user journey: optimizing omnichannel services, building new experiences within the dm-app and creating love brand moments across all channels.

CRM environment & technology: We use existing data to better anticipate today’s customer needs and enable them to find what they’re looking for at every touchpoint. To keep creating inspiring solutions and services, we focus on innovation and the latest technological advances.


Customers love the shopping experience at dm—the company is recognized frequently with awards and top rankings in independent studies, such as winning “Best Brand Experience” in the study “BrandZ—Top 50 Most Valuable German Brands“, first place in the YouGov ranking for value for money, and customer favorite in the market research “Kundenmonitor Deutschland”.

In Germany alone, millions of people interact with dm every day and the dm-app is frequently among the top 5 shopping apps.

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