How to Awake a Tea Country with Coffee


How to Awake a Tea Country with Coffee
The side profile of a blonde woman drinking coffee out of a white Tchibo coffee cup in a kitchen filled with Tchibo products.

We strengthened a German coffee brand’s presence in a market where tea is deeply rooted in the culture.

the challenge

Tchibo was founded in 1949 in Hamburg, focusing on the coffee business at the time, but gradually transforming its business over the years. It became well known for its range of non-coffee products that change weekly.

When entering China, Tchibo elected to first concentrate on its coffee business, which raised important questions: What kind of social-media channel works best if we want to establish a strong connection between the brand and the market? How does influencer marketing work in China? Who is the top key opinion leader (KOL) we should work with for livestreaming to introduce the brand? Should the brand adapt or transform?


For brands entering e-commerce in China, digital marketing and social media communication strategies need to be localized and regularly adapted. This is one of the most essential keys to success in the Chinese e-commerce dynamic environment, where needs and habits change rapidly.

From store designs on the Tmall Global flagship store to social media strategies, we used the selected elements strategically to design contents that are relevant to the local market, so the brand resonates with consumers. In this way, we supported enhancing Tchibo’s brand awareness and the brand’s presence when growing its coffee business in China.


Through this comprehensive approach, we successfully positioned Tchibo in the competitive Chinese market, boosted its brand awareness and expanded its coffee business. Cooperating with key opinion leaders led to powerful and authentic connection with local audiences. This collaboration exemplified the importance of localized strategies and strategic partnerships to succeed in China’s vibrant e-commerce landscape.

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