How to Help Travel Enthusiasts Explore New Destinations

Geo Meta Land

How to Help Travel Enthusiasts Explore New Destinations
People avatars standing in business casual attire on rocks next to a river in the digital Geo Meta Land experience.

Design experiences on metaverse to help travel enthusiasts explore environments and destinations to interact with spaces and like-minded community.

the challenge

  1. Traveling while in quarantine.
  2. No reason or time to decide on travel plans.
  3. Less budget or no income to plan oversea trips.
  4. Physically unequipped to move or commute long-distance.
  5. Open to build and be part of travel communities.


Exotic mountains and forests are selected as the primary geolocation for the proof of concept. The POC revolves around a video that highlights the vision of the story. Key frames of the story, ways of interactions, transportation, environments, etc.

  • Customize Travel Plans: Flow of your trip, style of travel, prospective activities.
  • Host Tours: Guide other travelers and host your own travel expedition.
  • Build Community: Create communities with common interest groups.
Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is looking for immersive virtual worlds that would gain traction in the market for metaverse tours, increasing travelers' willingness to purchase tickets and travel to those locations in the real world.

Potential Benefits
  1. Inspire Tourism-Related Purchases
  2. Enhance the Booking Experience
  3. Increase Booking Volume
Retail Showcase

Now is an exciting time for retailers. The metaverse offers new ways to market products that cross over between the physical and virtual worlds.

  1. Alternative to brick and mortar
  2. Room for immersive advertisement
  3. Community for loyal customers
Real Estate

Of all the high-end investments, virtual real estate appears to be capturing investors’ attention with possibilities of virtual workplaces, shopping malls, etc., where our digital identities can have a presence.

  1. Showcase of real estates and future projects.
  2. Immersive catalogues
  3. Creative partnership with interior-design studios and brands


The tourism industry will generate revenue and popularity in travel destination. Retail will reach and influence more consumers. Real Estate will be able to hold more clients to give actual experience of the estate. With growing immersive virtual traveling tourism industry would gain revenue and opportunity to provide services all season with less affect due to external factors or natural calamity. Travel packages would also become more versatile with mix of virtual travel before booking the trip.

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