How to Moisturize the Future

dm-drogerie markt in China

How to Moisturize the Future
Balea products by dm-drogerie markt such as the eye and lip serum and night cream are placed on a with water coated surface.

We established Germany’s most popular drugstore brand in a market on the other side of the world.

the challenge

In the Chinese market, the point of sale is not a brand’s own web shop but e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong. To effectively sell on China’s largest e-commerce platform, brands must establish a partnership with a Tmall partner that not only provides access to the thriving Chinese market through a flagship store but also offers consultations on understanding the unique preferences and tastes of the culturally diverse target audience, devising effective social media strategies, and strategically planning product assortments.


For a successful cross-border e-commerce business, we offer tailored strategies to stay competitive in a versatile marketplace. With our Gold-Star Tmall Partner status – awarded by Alibaba – we provide three essential services necessary to successfully establish a brand like dm-drogerie markt in one of the most demanding e-commerce markets in the world.

E-commerce Operations. Our team – consisting of Chinese E-Commerce specialists and European drugstore and beauty experts – is responsible for all end-to-end operations from logistics to campaign management or daily store operations, securing ongoing success 24/7.

Branding and Communication. With our knowledge of China’s beauty consumers, we know that they are well educated and demand a high level of educational content. Short videos are especially crucial in the communication mix. We produce ongoing videos in our own studio in Taipei.

To create and boost entertaining and human-centered interactions, we developed and illustrated mascots that entertain users on social media. These mascots are instrumental in exceptional brand building in China and bridging the gap between the brand and the consumer.

Live-Streaming. We stream 150 hours per month for our dm flagship store. In a highly competitive e-commerce environment, it is essential to create awareness and traffic generation through live-streaming either via cooperation with key opinion leaders or in-house live streams in our Shanghai studio.


Even though China’s market is known for its fast-paced consumer behavior and campaign-oriented approach, we managed that dm’s own brands such as Balea, Mivolis, Alverde and co. won millions of Chinese hearts.

Since 2015, WongDoody Asia Pacific has guided and supported dm-drogerie markt in entering Asian markets. With us as its Tmall Partner, dm-drogerie markt has been awarded the 100 Million Club for 2018 and 2019 as one of the most successful cross-border flagship stores on Tmall Global.

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