How to Naturally Adapt to Change


How to Naturally Adapt to Change
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We helped Weleda relaunch its website and communications globally for both Korea and Taiwan.

the challenge

Weleda chose South Korea — one of Asia's most vigorous, dynamic, trend-setting beauty markets — to launch its first fully owned subsidiary. With our support, Weleda marks this important milestone in entering a new era in its Asia business.

The Weleda beauty brand stands out from others because of a philosophy and values inspired by founder Rudolf Steiner. By adapting its websites to the local culture and language, it aimed to overcome communication barriers and effectively convey Weleda's values and beliefs to the people in those regions. This approach was essential for building brand awareness and connecting with the local audience.


From setting up the CMS to local language adaptation, we accompanied the brands with every step and worked closely with distributors and local teams to deliver manageable assets.


We successfully adapted the global framework to a local approach to meet consumer demands in highly competitive environments in Korea and Taiwan. Working closely with global teams in Switzerland and local teams in Taipei and Seoul, we guaranteed a smooth launch of the local websites for Weleda.

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