How To Blend In An Emerging Beauty Market


How To Blend In An Emerging Beauty Market
A girl with brown hair smiles with a big open mouth and closed eyes while she covers her right side of the face with her righthand and stands in front of a pink comic animated background.

With our e-commerce professionals and social media specialists, we drove a new wave of beauty trends, tapped into a progressive beauty market, and successfully launched cosnova’s flagship store on China’s largest e-commerce platform.

Cosnova, owning three independent brands, essence, CATRICE and L.O.V., is a well-known industry leader distributing products through physical stores in more than 80 countries. Cosnova wanted to enter the Chinese e-commerce market and start a new wave of beauty trends, but establishing a brand in China through cross-border e-commerce requires adaptation to the new market, its tastes and overall local knowledge.


Assortment planning is one of the essential keys to success when it comes to e-commerce. We need to understand the tastes of locals so that we can set up assortment-planning strategies to ensure store performance. With our local social-media specialists, we know what works well to interact with our customers and how to drive more traffic to our flagship stores through social media channels.

Livestreaming is essential to succeed in the highly competitive Chinese e-commerce environment. We planned a live-streaming cooperation with key opinion leader Vivi Chou on Yizhibo, one of China’s most popular livestreaming platforms. Vivi gave a tutorial on “Summer Berry Soda” themed make-up with the 14 selected cosnova products while introducing the brand, the product and where to buy. She answered questions from the audience in real time to increase brand interaction and announced livestreaming exclusive coupon codes to drive more traffic to cosnova’s Tmall Global flagship store.


We reached 2.64 M views on that livestream, over 170,000 likes, increased the rate of Weibo followers by 30.4% and 740,000 vlog views. During the livestream, the characteristics of the Key Opinion Leader (KOL), make-up theme and the 14 selected cosnova products blended very well and created synergy. Brand awareness was successfully enhanced by the KOL’s numerous mentions of the brand as well as logo exposures during livestreaming.

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