How to Stop Work Being Hard Work

Juniper Networks

How to Stop Work Being Hard Work
Two people on opposite sides of a work desk, bending backwards and typing.

If you’ve ever had internet problems at work, this one is for you. Juniper Networks manages big tech solutions for scaled companies using AI-driven insights that can reduce your IT guy’s trouble tickets by up to 90%.

the challenge

But Juniper’s new, and not enough companies know about it.

We created a campaign that focused on the frustrations of life at work without a good network solution, showing exactly what it feels like for employees at companies that haven’t caught up. You know... strapping them with horse blinders... bending them over backwards... and lighting their hair on fire.


Then we reminded them it doesn’t have to be this way. Juniper offers an alternative: a new normal made possible through technology that stays ahead of demand instead of always trying to catch up — empowering companies to meet their full potential.


And it worked. We built Juniper’s reputation among B2B buying groups, persuading them to take a chance on Juniper. As a result of this campaign, brand consideration increased 69%, and enterprise revenue growth increased 38%. We even got The Drum’s Best B2B Brand Campaign.

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