Enabling ex-transformation with employee centric change strategy


Enabling ex-transformation with employee centric change strategy

the challenge

Hatch, a global engineering firm, completed a digital transformation of the operational tools their engineers and project managers use to execute and deliver projects. These tools are meant to help Hatch become more data-driven and create long-term organizational value.However, employees have been slow – or downright resistant – to adopt those new tools and associated ways of working.


Hatch employees are accustomed to their old tools and ways of working (and workarounds). They don’t see how the new tools fit in their workflows, or how they create value for an individual employee or project. They need help understanding both how to use the new tools and the value created by doing so.



Through research we identified 3 personas who represent the broader Hatch workforce, and the core motivations and needs driving their behavior at work. We also mapped their day-to-day work-journey, to better understand how they use digital tools today. This helped us build empathy, ensuring our strategies & solutions were tailored to real human needs, creating more meaningful outcomes.


For each persona we identified pain points that were hindering adoption of the new tools, and ideate tactics to resolve that pain. We then prioritized tactics by assessing them on criteria ranging from value creation to effectiveness and feasibility. The highest priority tactics focused on “pulling” employees into a new experience; and the lowest priority tactics tended to be those that “pushed” requirements down onto employees.



The top concept is the Engagement Assistant – an experience that aids adoption of new tools during the initial stages of a project (project sales, scoping, kickoff, and management). This concept brings together multiple separate tools in a single experience, “wrapped” with engagement tactics like way finding, gamification, and training. By creating an engaging, easy-to-use experience we’re helping to pull our target audience in and help them take full advantage of the new toolkit.

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