How to Simplify the Path to Home Ownership


How to Simplify the Path to Home Ownership
Mockups of the FinLocker experience in a phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop in the foreground. The background is a blurred gray couch with a lamp on a side table.

Buying a home is a big deal. The excitement, however, is often diluted by the challenges of a complex mortgage process and consumer concern over financial well-being — a key input for confidently making homebuying decisions.

FinLocker set out to solve this with its financial wellness platform, but the platform needed an upgrade. FinLocker tasked us with reengineering both its mobile and Web applications to increase user adoption through financial education and simplified consumer journeys throughout the entire homebuying process.


Through in-depth user research and design workshops, we developed an engaging and intuitive solution with personalized workflows, helping millions of homebuyers on their path of turning homeownership dreams into reality.

  • In-depth user research + usability study
  • A complete transformation across mobile + desktop
  • Personalized experiences


The personalized solution simplified workflows such as achieving financial well-being, credit management, cash-flow management, budgeting and goal planning, mortgage education, real-estate search and more, for a holistic view of finance, and mortgage management made easier than ever.

  • Improved CSAT score
  • Reduced learning curve
  • Increased user adoption

FinLocker supports banks and credit unions in serving aspiring homeowners across the socio-economic spectrum. All loans secured via FinLocker qualify for CRA lending credits. The comprehensively designed interfaces lead to seamless transactions and live tracking of financial goals, and foster reliability and confidence for first-time homebuyers and returning customers.

Moreover, the digitalisation of the process has considerably reduced the need for travel and the consumption of paper resources, subsequently lessening the associated carbon impact.

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