How To Expand Your Limits With a Digital Twin Ecosystem


How To Expand Your Limits With a Digital Twin Ecosystem
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On-Demand Digital Content Creation

In the ever-changing digital landscape, brands have to secure a strong digital presence like never before, to form a lasting connection with customers at all touchpoints throughout the user journey. As a forward-thinking leader in the auto industry, smart recognized this, and wanted to reimagine how to keep up with fast-paced asset production while meeting the high demands of drivers for personalized experiences.

So we set out to create a captivating digital-first experience that makes online commerce easy, and cultivates a brand that customers love to engage with. The result: An innovative, photorealistic digital twin ecosystem for smart. A seamless, end-to-end full CGI production pipeline that generates incredible assets on the fly, rendered in real-time.


Our digital twin ecosystem covers all bases for tailored assets and new digital experiences, for all media channels worldwide.​ For smart, we are responsible for the entire digital twin lifecycle, starting from the very first preparation of CAD data to the real-time generation of visual assets for car configurators, website, app and TVCs. Our innovative pipeline solution ensures that we are always ready to shoot stunning imagery in any location (without booking any flights), in any weather (without getting wet or windblown), from any angle (without moving from our desk chairs). Inside or outside the car. From the comfort of our desks.


We‘re redefining the future of vehicle customization by creating product configurator imagery with our digital twin ecosystem. It allows customers to personalize every aspect, from colors to features, while receiving instant visual feedback, making on-demand customization not only faster, but easier and more cost-effective. This technology enables brands to introduce their brand and products directly to customers by responding flexibly to market trends, as well as the dynamic demands of target groups. And the results speak for themselves: More than 5,000 animations and 15,000 stills were produced for online marketing uses.

For digital-first productions, we set a new standard—combining virtual and real-world content in a virtual production studio for the smart #1 market entry campaign. Based on our full CGI production pipeline, we designed and created an entire 3D environment giving the brand a new, unique appearance. The full CGI environment was built with our real-time pipeline solution, which provides not only scalability for future asset production, but seamless adaptation to evolving brand aesthetics. It enabled us to shoot content in diverse sceneries for various markets and target groups, more efficiently and flexibly than ever before.

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