How to Build a Customer-Centric Ecosystem

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How to Build a Customer-Centric Ecosystem
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We believe in building long-term partnerships and nurturing relationships that go beyond individual projects.

the challenge

In collaboration with our valued client and Infosys, their Digital Innovation Partner, we're revolutionizing the digital fandom experience of the Australian Open. In collaboration, we're helping Tennis Australia develop a roadmap that aligns with fan and organizational needs, focusing on strategy rather than a project-by-project approach.

How do we grow digital fandom of the Australian Open in emerging landscapes?

The global pandemic has underscored the importance of enhancing digital experiences for fans of the Australian Open, not only in Australia but also around the world. With pandemic restrictions limiting audience capacities, it became imperative to expand digital services to cater to the desires of tennis enthusiasts unable to physically attend the event. Our collective task was to identify and prioritize opportunities that would foster greater engagement with digital fans in emerging landscapes.


Understanding the Digital Fan Landscape

Engaging digital fans in today's world is a complex and fragmented endeavor, with fans having more choices than ever when it comes to interacting with their favorite sports and players. To gain a comprehensive understanding of this landscape, we undertook a global research project involving over 2,000 individuals from Australia, the UK, the USA, and Italy. This research entailed online surveys in multiple languages, in-depth face-to-face interviews with fans and potential fans, and an extensive industry and competitor analysis.

Introducing the Digital Engagement Framework (DEF)

Taking thousands of pages of insights, our research yielded valuable insights, which we meticulously synthesized into the Digital Engagement Framework.
This framework outlines several key aspects:

  • Content Engagement: The types of content that fans and enthusiasts engage with. “The WHAT”.
  • Channels and Platforms: The various devices, channels, and platforms through which fans interact. “The WHERE”.
  • Modes of Engagement: How fans engage with different forms of content, such as watching videos, exploring the metaverse, or checking scores on mobile apps. “The HOW”.
  • Motivations for Engagement: The key drivers that prompt fans to seek out specific content and highlights the topics that hold the greatest importance for them. The “WHY”.

The DEF serves as a foundation for our collaboration with Tennis Australia and Infosys to develop a customer-centric ecosystem, assisting us in aligning and prioritising the opportunities we identify over the next five years.

This collaborative approach ensures that the value delivered to fans remains at the forefront of our decision-making processes, enabling us to cater to their evolving needs and expectations.


Fostering Growth and Interaction

Our deep exploration of the relationships between fandom, Tennis IQ, and participation revealed a wealth of opportunities to engage with the digital audience before, during, and after the Australian Open. Tennis Australia's partnership network adds further layers of complexity and opportunity to the delivery of exceptional fan experiences. Armed with comprehensive insights, recommendations, and tools, Tennis Australia now possesses the necessary resources to inform its strategic decisions and delivery processes.

Empowering Innovation

The DFE framework significantly enhances ways of working by establishing a common language and understanding of fans and their motivations.

By placing fans at the center of any innovation, we can efficiently collaborate with Tennis Australia and Infosys to create groundbreaking digital experiences that align with business needs and goals.

Together, we aim to foster a thriving ecosystem that not only services existing audiences but also attracts new ones, propelling the Australian Open to new heights of success.

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