With the need to cut global emissions in half by 2030 looming ever closer, there has never been a more important time for organizations to invest in sustainability. With that said, many of today’s efforts fall short — they cost too much and deliver too little. Our clients need urgent help in reaching their environmental sustainability targets by leveraging the power of digital and of people. That’s why we’ve created our Sustainability by Design practice. Within this practice, we offer two solutions that leverage the core skills of our 1000+ experience designers to help organizations reduce their environmental impact whilst delivering improvements across key business objectives: Eco Light Design and Sustainable Behavior Design.

Eco Light Design

  • Optimising Websites & Apps: Application of sustainable web design techniques for websites and apps, reducing energy use and optimising UX, SEO and cost.
  • Optimising Digital Estate: Lightening the carbon footprint across your entire digital and software ecosystem.

Sustainable Behavior Design

  • Sustainable HX Digital Design: Changing how customers and employees engage with your existing digital experiences to reduce environmental impact.
  • Driving Long-Term Sustainable Habits: Encouraging new sustainable behaviors by identifying motivations and using behavioral UX patterns to nudge customers and employees.

Case Studies

Have a look at where we’ve already deployed this thinking to drive more sustainable outcomes:

  • Scone AI — Helping people lower their personal carbon footprint and take collective action through an engaging, data-driven experience.
  • Financial Times Future World Game — Engaging individuals on the breadth of change that needs to take place to meet net zero ambitions by 2050 through an interactive simulation, where individuals play as sustainable policy-makers.
  • The Economist Impact Platform — Accelerating world-changing impact through a platform that brings together leading minds and change-makers around the world’s top sustainability challenges.

Interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from our Sustainability by Design practice? Our Sustainable Behavior Design Challenge is an immersive and interactive way to do so. Sign up to learn more about our two-hour in-person session for you and your teams hosted at our Shoreditch studio and coming soon to all of our studios across the globe. Solve real design briefs using our proprietary toolkit and learn how behavior design can make your own initiatives for your customers, employees and partners more successful.