Introducing Infosys’ Employee Experience Platform, Orbit.

Hyper-personalized, unified interface
 to the organization

• Craft a unique and engaging experience for every employee with built-in personalization tools and a fully customizable design system.
• Launch EX initiatives quickly and efficiently with over 100 ready-to-go modules and accelerators, backed by a library of 25+ universal service blueprints.
• 100+ Ready to go EX modules and accelerators
• Rapidly prototype and iterate on new EX ideas with our extensive library of pre-built elements.
• Connect seamlessly to all your existing EX platforms with our comprehensive API library, ensuring effortless integration.


A single destination to cater to all user and business requirements


Timeefficient and cost-effective increments in users and features


An intuitive design system and automated on boarding


A single destination to cater to all user and business requirements


A unique experience catered to each specific users’ requirements


Longevity of use even as backend systems and platforms change

Our proposition

Helping employees be as effective, efficient, and engaged as possible

A fully customizable design system that caters to the ever-changing needs of your workforce

  • Fully customizable UI
  • Built-in hyper-personalization tools
  • Allowing you to create a digital employee experience in whatever configuration best suits your employees
  • Extensive prototype library

Built to be both highly-scalable and fully-adaptable

  • Over 100 ready-to-go employee experience modules and accelerators
  • 25+ universal service blueprints
  • Future-proofed to allow you to constantly evolve your digital employee experience offering
  • API Library inc. all major EX platforms


Orbit can be implemented at the pace and scale which suits your organization.

1. Vision and Roadmap

Align the entire organization on a vision and transformation roadmap to revolutionize EX. Stakeholders and employees will all contribute to designing and validating a future state.

2. Service Overhaul

Focus on a single employee service or journey (e.g. ITSM or Onboarding) and deploy a human-centric experience layer to offer a consumer-grade experience to all.

3. EX Centre of Excellence

A central team providing governance and oversight on all EX-initiatives to ensure consistency, best practice, and alignment to overall EX Vision.

4. Poc

Identify a select number of opportunities or pain points to quickly show the value of a design-led employee experience engagement platform.

5. Ongoing Product Development

Continuous evolution of your Digital Employee Experience Platform in line with changing demands of your employees.

Joe Duffy
he / him
Senior Business Development Manager

Joe leads WongDoody's EX offering within EMEA. He helps clients identify priority EX challenges, tailor solutions based on their requirements, and deliver measurable and human impact.


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