Oddity is now WongDoody

For over two decades as oddity, we have driven digital experience, commerce and marketing for our partners. And our journey is going on to the next level: it takes us right into the sweet spot between creativity and technology.

We’re proud to become WongDoody, Infosys’ Human Experience Agency. With over 2,000 digital creatives working in 22 studios on four continents, we now form a new, unique force.

And even more importantly: We do what we believe in and co-create with our clients to design better, customer-centric marketing solutions and digital products. As Bruce Lee’s words BE WATER MY FRIEND have always been a guiding principle for us, we look forward to everything that lies ahead.

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WongDoody EMEA Studios

In the heart of the southern German metropolis, we specialize in the digitalization of companies from the high-tech, automotive and retail sectors. Stuttgart is also the heart of our film and 3D production.

Eberhardstr. 69-71
70173 Stuttgart
+49 711 248 491 60

GIF of Stuttgart, Germany.

WongDoody EMEA Studios

In the midst of all the great bustle of Germany’s unique capital, we’re out to create some buzz ourselves. With our focus on brand strategy, client-centered campaigns and digital products, we get the hearts of brands within consumer packaged goods and retail racing.

Friedelstr. 27
12047 Berlin
+49 30 20 00 58 400

GIF of Berlin, Germany office.

WongDoody EMEA Studios

Right where the Rhine meets the Düssel, we’re all about creative problem solving for businesses and brands, finding a unique way to combine creation, data and media.

3rd Floor
Fürstenwall 172
40217 Düsseldorf
+49 30 20 00 58 400

The top of the Rheinturm in Düsseldorf, Germany.

WongDoody EMEA Studios

Just a hop, skip and a jump across the North Sea, we not only always find the right dash of humour, but develop fabulous ideas when it comes to creating digital products and campaigns that people love.

10th Floor, The Bower
207-211 Old Street
London EC1V 9NR
United Kingdom

An aerial view of the city of London.

WongDoody EMEA Studios

A bit further to Europe’s east, our passion is very clearly coded in 1s and 0s: Our team of developers, UX designers and consultants aims to create the very best of tech and experiences from frontend to backend.

Trg Nikole Pašića 5
11000 Belgrad
+381 648 128 859

GIF of Belgrad office.


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