Oddity is now WongDoody

For over two decades as oddity, we have driven digital experience, commerce and marketing for our partners. And our journey is going on to the next level: it takes us right into the sweet spot between creativity and technology.

We’re proud to become WongDoody, Infosys’ Human Experience Agency. With over 2,000 digital creatives working in 22 studios on four continents, we now form a new, unique force.

And even more importantly: We do what we believe in and co-create with our clients to design better, customer-centric marketing solutions and digital products. As Bruce Lee’s words BE WATER MY FRIEND have always been a guiding principle for us, we look forward to everything that lies ahead.

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WongDoody Asia Studios

With a fusion of talents from the most bustling cities in Asia, our team seamlessly blends cultural influences from two vibrant cities to deliver impactful and extraordinary digital experiences that resonate on a global scale.

Room 307, 3F, No. 195, Guangfu Road
Jingan District
+86 180 1736 6165

2F, No. 575 Linsen North Road
Zhongshan District
+886 225 991 257

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