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Tinder Tackles the D-Bag Situation

Tinder Tackles the D-Bag Situation

Tinder Full Feature

Designed to encourage better behavior in the app, Tinder’s Menprovement Initiative seeks to de-douche-ify the way guys approach women on Tinder. Partnering with Tinder’s in-house creative team, and specifically the real women who work there, we created this seven-spot, female-focused campaign. A :60 teaser kicked things off, followed by a :90 full-feature video, introducing comedian Whitney Cummings as our resident “Douchebag Expert.” Five shorter “R&D” videos use Whitney’s improv chops to highlight the features of Tinder Reactions. Like the Eyeroll, the Ghostbuster, and the Compliment Generator.

Tinder Ghostbuster

Tinder Compliment Generator

Tinder Eyeroll