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Launching 'Orange Is the New Black’ at DoubleDown Casino

Launching 'Orange Is the New Black’ at DoubleDown Casino

Duct Tape :15

The toughest part about binge-watching Orange Is the New Black is waiting all year for the next season. So we tapped into the show’s devoted fan base with a series of :15s that reference “prison hacks” from the show only a fan can relate to: in one spot, a fan pulls out a pair of duct tape slippers from her fancy shoe collection. Now that fans have the new slot game from DoubleDown, there’s a simpler way to get their OITNB fix.

But we wanted to do more to incentivize engagement and app downloads. So we created fictitious Litchfield Prison inmates looking for items they’re trying to get from the outside, in exchange for free chips. They solicit items like “the best prison name” or “the best parole ideas" from Facebook fans, and those who send ideas receive free DoubleDown chips in exchange. 

Kittens :15

Recipes :15