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WONGDOODY Moms Change the Game

WONGDOODY Moms Change the Game

You can’t risk hiring an agency that doesn’t know how to have a real conversation with women.

We believe resonating authentically with moms starts with moms – leading, developing and building marketing that encompasses the complexity of what it is to be a mom today. Lots of agencies say they know Mom. But how many of their creative departments are led by moms? Or women? If your agency has no women in senior creative leadership, how can you be confident that they are going to be able to come up with campaigns that really get the depth of motherhood today. 

At JuneCleaverisDead we explore the good and the bad, the smart and the dumb, at the intersection of marketing and motherhood. You’ll find a mix of proprietary primary and secondary research into who the American mom really is, and what and how she buys. We’ll showcase examples of marketing that’s working, and work that misses the mark, as well as the latest trends, and our opinions on what they mean.