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Group Up and Get Awesome with Tinder Social

Group Up and Get Awesome with Tinder Social

Tinder Social - Pinata :15

Tinder swiped right on WONGDOODY for the launch of Tinder Social, the newest offering from the world’s leading connections platform that creates an easy, fun way to meet new people while out with your friends.

Featuring the idea, “#HowWeGotHere”, the mobile-centric work sets a high bar for what can happen in real life when two groups meet on Tinder Social. Each video, Snapchat story, etc. focuses on the visual climax of an incredible day or night out. Whether it be a rooftop crushing game of piñata, a parking lot snow cone fight, a bar-patio turned soccer pitch, a happy-hour that becomes a spirited horse race, or an impromptu drive-in movie theater, in an urban forest, at midnight, the scenarios show that all sorts of new, FOMO-inducing moments can happen when groups of people mix.

Tinder Social - Movie Night :15

Tinder Social - Bar Mayhem :15