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Getting In-Tune with GoToMeeting

Getting In-Tune with GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Case Study

GoToMeeting, the long-time market leader in virtual meeting software, needed a distinct way to protect its leadership position, fend off upstarts and continue to grow globally. The elephant in the room: No one likes meetings. Instead of talking about the importance of communication and going to feature town, we went broad, asking “just what makes a good meeting?” Our doer-and-builder target wanted to do more than just “meet.” They wanted outcomes. We listened to stories about “gelling together” or feeling a “flow,” and stories about the satisfaction of connecting and working better together. We quickly realized that by connecting more deeply through GoToMeeting, you can turn meeting into building. The resulting global television and social campaign launched in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia and featured a multinational cast working in sync, building and creating in real time. Since its debut in January the campaign costs per lead are down a staggering 78 percent and engagement on digital platforms is up 54 percent.

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