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Women of Wongdoody Chapter 2: "Get Shit Done"

Meet Skyler Mattson, our WDLA Managing Director!

What brought you to WONGDOODY?

In high school, I used to watch Melrose place every week and there was a character named Amanda Woodward and she ran Woodward and associates; an advertising agency. At age 15, I decided I don’t just want to work at an advertising agency, I want to run an advertising agency. After graduating from UCLA, I started working at Dailey and Associates as the Account Coordinator. 2 years went by and my friend who worked at this weird little agency called WONGDOODY asked me to come and interview. There were 13 people and I was the 14th to be hired.

I went to see Tom Leer who is the current president at Dailey and I said Tom I’m giving you my notice and he said, “I can’t believe you’re leaving Dailey to go work at WONGDOODY. This is the worst career mistake you will make.” Even when Tom said I was making a mistake, I didn’t question myself. So it wasn’t a career mistake to come to WONGDOODY! And I’ve been here for 15 years.

Thoughts on the advertising world as a woman:

As a whole in the industry, there should be more women especially in the creative department and on executive teams, however my personal experience has been fantastic and it makes me want to continue to foster this environment.

For the creative department, for every 20 books we get from a guy, we get one from a woman, so it is so hard. But Pam and I will always hire based on merit and who is best for the job.

As a mother, how do you find balance?

Someone once asked me, “how can you be totally present at work and totally present at home?”, and I said I’m not! I want my kids at work and my work at home. I love bringing my kids to the office so they can see that I love my job and that I’m proud of it.

Everyone has a ‘kid’, something that they love and is important to them. Everyone should feel like they have a most important thing outside of work.”

Biggest piece of advice:

A very specific piece of advice is to work on new business when you can. You work with senior people in the agency and it’s a crash course of how quickly things get done. Bigger picture advice is to believe in yourself and go for it. I get shit done and I’m constantly trying to make things happen, which is why I think I’ve been successful.

Favorite WD memory:

Most of my favorite memories are around winning a new piece of business. When the client calls you and says you won, I get to answer that call, which is so awesome.