Campaign 1: No Be zAMbie

Intro Video

Every morning, millions of young Americans eat breakfasts they don’t even really know they’re eating. Stumbling through mindless breakfast routines, eating grease-soaked “meals” they know only by a number.

They aren’t zombies, they’re “zAMbies,” as in morning breakfast zombies.

To introduce them to Subway’s fresh, customizable breakfast options, we proposed flooding the airwaves with messages loud enough and bright enough to wake a zAMbie out of their drowsy, unthinking state. We call it “direct-to-zAMbie” messaging, messaging that would only air before 10 a.m.

Direct-to-zAMbie TV would be joined by direct-to-zAMbie digital outdoor boards that spoke to the breakfast-impaired in their own language during morning traffic.