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Creating The Line That Unites Us: Court Crandall at TEDxManhattanBeach
October 19, 2012

Court's Tedx talk is now live! Click through for more about the lines that separate us and the line that brought eight Compton High School students together.

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"Harnessing Cultural Capital: The Real Consumer Value of a Brand"
October 18, 2012

Any CMO would likely agree that the most iconic brands in the World owe their success primarily to their presence in pop culture. Yet, the marketing practices employed by most all corporations fail to achieve the potential realized by these iconic brands because of one simple oversight – they do not put culture first.

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"The Moment"
October 15, 2012

In case you missed Court's presentation at Tedx Manahattan Beach this past weekend, be sure to read this blog post from Court himself as he recounts the most satisfying moment of his life.

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Tedx Manhattan Beach: Journey To Purpose
October 1, 2012

What does it mean to have a purpose in life? Where can we find it? Is it ever too late to search for it? These are only a few of the questions that "Tedx Manhattan Beach: Journey To Purpose" addresses. Tedx is known for bringing the most influential speakers and thought leaders to one location, so it's no surprise that our own Court Crandall is on the list of presenters!

Click the image above for event details and make sure your calendar is open October 13 to get down to Manhattan Beach.

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"Free Throw" at the Boston Film Festival
September 17, 2012

For all you "Free Throw" fans out there, we're excited to announce that "Free Throw" will be featured at the Boston Film Festival (BFF) this year! Not only was it admitted to the lineup, but it made the BFF executive director's list of favorite films this year. If you're in the Boston area, "Free Throw" screens on Sept. 24 so come show your support! To read more about the other films at the BFF, click below.

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Amazon: Branding them as the "Reinventors of Normal."
September 7, 2012

Amazon hasn’t simply changed how we shop or read, but more importantly, they have revolutionized how we live. Our mission was to help them create an anthemic piece for network television about their remarkable heritage, and how they will position themselves moving forward.

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