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5 No-Fail Ways To Elevate A Brand's Cultural Capital
November 11, 2011

Our media landscape is evolving fast, and 2012 will certainly be the year of big changes in how we view media. Internet-based TV viewing will come of age, reaching the masses through the growing number of smart TVs and mobile streaming.

For brands that have until now relied heavily on TV advertising, this places an increased urgency to find ways to maintain visibility of their messages in culture--ways that can be measured, are efficient, and reach big audiences.

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Source: Fast Company
Start a Business on Company Time? Sure.
September 19, 2011

Advertising agency WDCW takes a liberal approach toward letting employees work on personal projects at the office.

So liberal that one employee has produced a feature-length documentary film; another owns an online coffee company; a group of workers has a career guidance site; and several maintain blogs – all while on the company clock.

The agency has 72 employees at its Culver City headquarters and an additional 80 in Seattle, and allows its creative workers to develop these projects between assignments.

Chief Executive Ben Wiener said the purpose of the program is to attract and retain creative talent. Permitting employees to pursue their passions keeps them motivated and yields knowledge – and potential profits – for the agency.

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How To Elevate Brand Management To Cultural Relevance
September 15, 2011

Brand marketing has changed. The economy has changed. Consumer values have changed, as have technology, media and lifestyle behaviors. Yet the role of the marketing department is stuck in a rut, forced to remain the same as it ever was, often because of its own corporate structure.

And that's not the only challenge. Marketing departments are under-resourced, given tougher objectives and are asked to deliver faster results, all within the new marketing landscape that they’re trying to figure out. And reimagining marketing is a high-risk strategy at a time when CEOs are looking for secure choices.

So what’s the answer? If you look at the consumer brands that have performed best in recent years, there is a consistent theme unifying all of them: Always stay culturally relevant.

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Source: Fast Company
One of Ad Age's "Best Places to Work"
August 29, 2011

What makes WDCW one of Ad Age’s best places to work? Well, besides the longest name in agency history, the collaborative work environment and the in-office keg, here are a few more reasons, from the voices of the people who call it home.

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Best Places to Work: No. 20 Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener
August 22, 2011

This dog-friendly Seattle shop (once known as WongDoody) -- formerly an abandoned beer distribution warehouse -- is brimming with natural light and innovative ideas. The company's "Democracy of Good Ideas" mantra (the belief that everyone can produce great ideas) isn't just flak, it's a tenet its employees actually embrace, as evidenced by their responses.

Other highlights of this distinctly West Coast agency: hilarious co-workers, summer Fridays, discounts at local amusement parks and even a three-month paid sabbatical after 10 years of employment. "There's always an electric buzz in the office that we all thrive on," one employee responded.

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Human Powered Vending Machine Dispenses Drinks
August 18, 2011

To induce trial, brands have, forever, been giving away their products hoping they are actually good enough for people to come back and buy. Over at Activate, it seems, that free ride is over. In its place is a ride that requires a person to do some actual work before being given a product to try.

In LA, Activate drinks has set up what it calls a human-powered vending machine. Angelenos can hop on, peddle for 30 seconds (way too short if you ask us but we're sure Activate doesn't want to cause any fat, lazy Americans a heart attack) and get a free drink.

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