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"Free Throw" One of Bing's Decisions That Shaped 2011
December 2, 2011

Alone or together, individuals defined 2011. Bing's Magical Holiday Calendar takes a look at those decisions in today's Bing Rewind. Don't forget to pay extra attention around minute 1:47. You just might see a familiar face in Allan Guei, the winner of "Free Throw" who gave his $40,000 scholarship away to the other contestants after receiving a full-ride scholarship of his own.

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Source: Bing
Bubbles 2
November 29, 2011

I was going through some old work this week for one of our new pitches and I came across a spot I hadn’t watched in a while. It was for the California Department of Health Services anti-tobacco initiative. And it was inauspiciously named, “Bubbles 2.”

Of all the spots I’ve been part of, this is maybe the one that means the most to me.

Not because it was the best. Don’t get me wrong, I always liked the original spot, entitled, “Bubbles,” simply because it was the only positive anti-tobacco ad I’ve ever seen, much less been part of. Like most sequels, "Bubbles 2" had a little more action. A few more locations. And a bigger ending. But that’s not what made it remarkable. What made it special, was the fact that it was written by my friend and art director, Shawn Brown. Without the use of his arms or legs.

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In Black Midnight, You're Watching a New Holiday Tradition Being Born
November 28, 2011

While the debate rages over the ethics of retailers bringing forward their Black Friday opening times to midnight on Thanksgiving, it's worth remembering that retailers and shopping have long played an integral role in our holiday traditions, so why should this latest change be seen as any different?

In 1939, retailers put pressure on President Franklin D. Roosevelt to move Thanksgiving forward one week in order to give retailing a boost, by extending the holiday season selling window in the wake of the Great Depression.

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Why Brands Need Friends -- Not Fans -- On Facebook
November 18, 2011

Facebook offers brands access to its vast audience with no apparent cost of entry. Therefore, one would presume that brands would develop strategic and forward-thinking campaigns to maximize their reach. Not so.

Instead, brands quickly entered a popularity contest for the most Likes. It seemed companies were simply content with growing audience numbers. Until lately, they’ve been comfortable measuring return on investment by the number of fans alone. Now they’re beginning to question the value of such a one-dimensional strategy.

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Source: Mashable
5 No-Fail Ways To Elevate A Brand's Cultural Capital
November 11, 2011

Our media landscape is evolving fast, and 2012 will certainly be the year of big changes in how we view media. Internet-based TV viewing will come of age, reaching the masses through the growing number of smart TVs and mobile streaming.

For brands that have until now relied heavily on TV advertising, this places an increased urgency to find ways to maintain visibility of their messages in culture--ways that can be measured, are efficient, and reach big audiences.

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Source: Fast Company
Start a Business on Company Time? Sure.
September 19, 2011

Advertising agency WDCW takes a liberal approach toward letting employees work on personal projects at the office.

So liberal that one employee has produced a feature-length documentary film; another owns an online coffee company; a group of workers has a career guidance site; and several maintain blogs – all while on the company clock.

The agency has 72 employees at its Culver City headquarters and an additional 80 in Seattle, and allows its creative workers to develop these projects between assignments.

Chief Executive Ben Wiener said the purpose of the program is to attract and retain creative talent. Permitting employees to pursue their passions keeps them motivated and yields knowledge – and potential profits – for the agency.

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