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Introducing WONGDOODY’s Women in Advertising Scholarship

WONGDOODY Introduces $5,000 Women in Advertising Scholarship

WONGDOODY unveiled its new Women in Advertising Scholarship, a $5,000 prize toward tuition for exceptional women pursuing advertising careers in a creative capacity. The scholarship will be awarded twice per year, once in the summer and once in the winter, to women who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or portfolio school.

WONGDOODY’s Women in Advertising Scholarship reaffirms a commitment to seeing women succeed in advertising, and expands that commitment beyond agency walls. The scholarship will empower promising candidates to further their education as they work toward an advertising career.

“Women are a huge part of WONGDOODY’s culture and success, and we’ve always worked to bring diversity to our creative process because it brings a wider, more relevant range of thinking,” said Pam Fujimoto, WONGDOODY Executive Creative Director. “But we know our industry as a whole has room for improvement. This scholarship is meant to help promising female creatives move closer to a career, to help bring a bit more balance to advertising.”

Recently named an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year, WONGDOODY is consistently recognized as a leader among independent agencies in its commitment to diversity. Our staff is 54 percent female, with women comprising 43 percent of the executive team and 25 percent of the creative department. Women lead every department at the agency from account services, operations, and digital/print/video production, to human resources, office management, accounting, and creative. Additionally, the agency’s executive team is 29 percent minority and the creative department is 17 percent minority.

WONGDOODY is accepting applications for the Women in Advertising Scholarship now through June 15. For more information and an application form, please visit:

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