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What are WONGDOODY Resolutions?


I woke up at 2:00 am on New Year’s Day with an idea I was super excited about. It was simple and not particularly groundbreaking, and even though I lay awake thinking for two more stupid hours, I was still excited about it when my alarm went off at 6:30. This is generally a good pressure test of an idea.

It was a pretty simple thought — to help us get to know each other even better within WONGDOODY, and to share a little more about what makes us tick with the outside world, I’d send out an email to the entire agency asking for resolutions, which I’d gather together to share.

Why? Because it’s inspiring. And interesting. And a nice way to kick off the year. And from my highly unscientific research, would make the folks listed below at least 36% more likely to stick with their goals because they shared them.

Some people aren’t into resolutions and that’s cool. I learned that about them, too. So here you go — a sampling of resolutions/dreamvisions/whatever you like to call them, from across the offices and departments of WONGDOODY.


Jessica Obrist, Senior Manager of Account Integration — I’d love to take on a personal goal of finding opportunities for our agency to be considered a leader in representing transgender, non-binary or genderqueer people in campaigns.

Madelynn Esteb, Creative Coordinator — Make more art!

Megan Blacksher, Chief Talent Officer — Make my physical fitness a top priority. It absolutely sets me up to be a better parent, better spouse, better contributor at work, and overall more balanced person. Yay!

Patrick Moore, Art Director — Floss more. The dance or the teeth, doesn’t matter.

Skyler Mattson, President — Take small moments to stop, breathe and be grateful.

Dave Goedde, Associate Design Director — I resolve to embrace new challenges and new ways of thinking. God, that sounds generic. I also resolve to come up with some better resolutions next year.

Lara Johannsen, Creative Manager — Figure out how to integrate our new creative selves with our old creative selves without losing our spirit space.

Matt Burgess, Creative Director — Wear more hats. (Literally and figuratively.)

Sorayya Aminian, Motion Graphics Designer — Start learning Danish so I can know if my 18-month-old niece is speaking a real language or just blabbering.

Dave Herrick, Technical Director — Read more and learn new skills to further my career.

Tod Rathbone, Managing Director — Not to procrastinate so much.

Ariel Smith, Account Supervisor — Two sad goals and a happy one:

Not fall asleep in my day clothes.

Brush my teeth every day.

Draw cartoons of the funny things my 3-year-old says

Aimee Hossler, Senior Studio Designer — CHUCK IT IN THE FUCK IT BUCKET. Some things aren’t worth the energy or stress.

Typhanee Vreen, Director of Business Development — Be fully present in every moment.

Alan Baumgarten, Director of Digital Experience Design — Get published.

Kenta Hadley, Studio Director — I don’t do resolutions, but I am trying a seasonal mental shift toward making people in my life more important than work.

Phil Juncker, Sr. Account Executive — Be better about staying in touch with family.

Chris Vail, Copywriter — See whatever the cool kids are resolving to do and then pretend I was already going to do it.

Austin Anderson, Motion Director — Talk less and say more.

Eva Doak, Account Supervisor — Complete a level 1 French course!

Michael Harper, Director of Business Development — Deliberate less over emails and just hit send.

Monkey Watson, Creative Director — Upgrade my New Year’s resolutions to 4K.

Scott Engelhardt, Senior Studio Designer — I want to be more creative this year, specifically by drawing more.

Paula Branvold, Account Director —

Music — Subscribe to Spotify! Already done! Part B: Figure out how to use Spotify!

Meditation — 5 minutes a day keeps the asylum away

Meet up — Actually leave my house and meet up with friends

Steve Orenstein, CFO — I will not beg for time sheets from the staff, I will assume we are all adults and professionals and will do time sheets weekly as one is supposed to.

Eric Hammond, Copywriter, Content Creator — Make a tiny chess set out of wood!

Knox Duncan, Chief Strategy Officer — Say “yes” a lot. But say “no” more.

Jennie Moore, Creative Director — Move more from my heart and less from my head.

Like doing this little project. My heart was excited about it, but then my head gave me a hundred reasons over the next couple days why I shouldn’t bother. I ignored that dumb little voice, and here we are.

It’s only January 4th, but so far, so good.

Happy New Year, everybody.

—Jennie Moore, Creative Director