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Time flies when you’re a busy agency making moves

WONGDOODY in The News September 2018

Live from the stage at Telstra Vantage in Melbourne, WONGDOODY announced the rapid expansion of our agile insights practice “The Mother Board” which recently launched in Canada and Australia. The Mother Board expansion marks the first global footprint of WONGDOODY’s practice that helps brands shape products, services and communications to the diverse groups of moms that control 80% of consumer spending.

Featured in AW360’s recent Taking the Ongoing ‘Agency of the Future’ Conversation in a New Direction Q&A, WONGDOODY CEO Ben Weiner noted the importance of transforming the current agency model. “If we aren’t reinventing ourselves, we lose the authority to help reinvent our clients.”

This week we’ll see him join WONGDOODY President Skyler Mattson and June Cleaver is Dead Partnerships Director Kinley LaGrange as they take the stage at Advertising Week in New York to discuss the future of advertising and the power for brands in the marriage of Thick Data and Big Data. Advertising Week is the premier event/conference for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals.

Follow us on social media for more news on upcoming events featuring WONGDOODY and register below to join us this fall at the Mirren CEO Conference in Chicago, and TED Women in Palm Springs

CONFLUENCE 2018: Experience Design and Agency Expansion at Confluence WONGDOODY CEO Ben Wiener and Chief Creative Officer Tracy Wong took the stage last week at Confluence, showcasing the agency’s experience-design portfolio and offering a glimpse into global studio-expansion efforts. Confluence, Infosys’ annual thought-leadership forum, is all about helping enterprises navigate from where they are to where they aspire to be in their digital journeys.

TELSTRA VANTAGE 2018: The Mother Board Expands Globally Did you know Australian mums control 80% of consumer spending, and 70% of them feel current marketing misses the mark? Last week in Melbourne at Telstra Vantage 2018, we were happy to announce the Australian launch of The Mother Board, WONGDOODY’s proprietary insights-and-data platform that gives Australian mums a voice, and demonstrates how businesses can use a data platform with actionable implications to build resonant consumer experiences.

ADVERTISING WEEK CONFERENCE: WONGDOODY Takes the Stage at Advertising Week NYC WONGDOODY CEO Ben Wiener hits the stage Wednesday, October 3, discussing the agency model of the future with a panel of leading executives from holding companies, agency startups and newcomers in agency marketing services. Later that day, WONGDOODY President and June Cleaver is Dead founder Skyler Mattson and JCID Client Partnerships Director Kinley Lagrange demonstrate how agile insight practice gets to the “why” that Big Data misses by leveraging Thick Data; qualitative insights with a human touch. The Mother Board gets actionable insights from our diverse panel of highly engaged moms to help brands understand their mom-target in 360 degrees by providing bold, objective, game-changing analysis of almost-real-time insights to uncover new territories of inspiration and innovation.

M2MOMS MARKETING CONFERENCE: Bringing Our Agile Insights Practice to the World’s Premier Conference on Marketing to Moms June Cleaver is Dead founder and WONGDOODY President Skyler Mattson and JCID Client Partnerships Director Kinley Lagrange presented at the M2Moms Marketing Conference in New York. M2Moms® is the world’s premier conference on marketing to moms.

MIRREN CEO CONFERENCE: November 6 Join WONGDOODY CEO Ben Wiener and Chief Creative Officer Tracy Wong at the Mirren CEO Summit November 6 in Chicago as they present on keeping culture alive and thriving while building the agency of the future. Limited to an exclusive group of only 140 participants, the Mirren CEO Summit will address the most important issues as they relate to building an infrastructure for growth. With that goal, the Summit is broken into Four Pillars of Agency Growth: Model, Operations, Marketing, Leadership.

TED WOMEN: November 28—30 Apply here to join WONGDOODY President Skyler Mattson and Creative Director Jennie Moore in Palm Springs November 28—30 for TEDWomen2018. TEDWomen celebrates how dynamic and diverse people are showing up to face challenges head-on, all while empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see.

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