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Time flies when you’re a busy agency making moves

WONGDOODY In The News May 2019

This month in May we celebrated our one-year anniversary as a part of the Infosys family. Additionally, WONGDOODY took to the stage at Connect 2019, sharing case studies and insights from successful client engagements where we seamlessly integrated business, marketing and technology delivered better customer experience.

Read on to learn about all the happenings at WONGDOODY over the past month.

Adding Staff Across Studios

Our staff continues to grow on the strength of new client engagements, expanding work with our current clients, and the growth of our New York studio. In May we welcomed: Kate Benton, Senior Copywriter; Lauren Beauchemin, Designer; Reese Murakami, Designer; Ailbhe Fitzpatrick, Associate Content Producer; and Jose Berber, Assistant Media Planner.

The Motherboard: Fitting into Moms’ Routine Huge Win for QSRs

Writing for this month’s QSR Magazine, WONGDOODY President and founder of The Motherboard Skyler Mattson said “Using big data to support new product development is an essential way for restaurants to surprise and delight their customers. On its own; however, the big data test kitchen can leave quick-service restaurant marketers with a limited view of their customer needs. By leveraging the power of an agile insights engine, new product news becomes a way for the brand to confidently and authentically fit into the lives of a powerful purchase segment—moms.”

The Motherboard is WONGDOODY’s agile insights platform designed to help brands reach moms in a more authentic way. The platform provides a complement to brands’ “big data” by accessing agile, qualitative insights about what mothers value most.

We’re Official: First University Tour of WONGDOODY NY

This month we also welcomed our first studio tour of the WONGDOODY New York Studio. A casual recruiting event, WONGDOODY studio tours welcome graduating seniors and rising juniors in Design/Advertising/Strategy programs to see firsthand the inner agency’s workings and meet with senior-level staffers across disciplines.

Serving Up 16 Season of SIFF

Now in its 45th year, SIFF serves up hundreds of cinematic delights for eager audiences to sink their eyes into. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of successfully dishing out an assortment of films that satisfy the diverse tastes of thousands of festival-goers? Wonder no more.

WONGDOODY’s 16th festival campaign, Cinema Served Hot takes us into the kitchen to reveal all of the ingredients that go into making SIFF 2019. To get people excited for the festival, we wanted to show them a behind-the-scenes look of how it’s made. We used food prep as a visual metaphor to show all the “ingredients” of iconic movies. We built a series of film references as culinary dioramas, all done practically. And we sampled audio from the corresponding films for the music track.

This year’s campaign is special because, for the first time ever, SIFFs sharing with festival-goers the recipe for creating the largest, most exciting international film festival in North America—and inviting them to add the final, most important ingredient—watching.

Flowfushi Recognized for Outdoor Campaign

WONGDOODY’s FLOWFUSHI Swirl lip-gloss launch was honored by the Out of Home Association of America in the International Outdoor Advertising category.

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