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WONGDOODY Launches #TheReal10 To Drive Awareness and Education on Gender Wage Gap

WONGDOODY Launches #TheReal10 To Drive Awareness of Gender Wage Gap

As the U.S. Treasury plans to redesign the $10 bill to feature a woman, WONGDOODY has teamed up with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to increase awareness of the U.S.’s persistent gender wage gap. On average, a woman in the U.S. is paid just 79 cents on the dollar compared to her male counterpart. Leveraging the attention of the U.S. Treasury’s #TheNew10, the campaign from WONGDOODY and AAUW is aptly named #TheReal10 as it turns focus to the gender wage gap, pushing for more than symbolic change.

AAUW has long been a champion for equal pay, and now WONGDOODY is helping to take the movement to social media with #TheReal10. The campaign’s hub is, where women can take and add a photo of themselves to create a custom $7.90 bill; there are also additional options to reflect deeper disparities among specific ethnicities (such as $6.30 for African-American women and $5.40 for Hispanic and Latina women). These personalized bills can then be shared via social media with the hashtag #TheReal10; users are also directed to the AAUW website to learn more about the gender wage gap and ways to work toward equal pay. also includes a video that was created by AAUW and Rethink Toronto in June to generate attention for this issue.

“The redesign of the $10 bill to feature a woman is exciting, and a great opportunity to bring attention to another monetary issue for women, the gender wage gap,” commented Pam Fujimoto, Executive Creative Director, WONGDOODY. “AAUW has done excellent work toward helping close the gap, and we saw the opportunity to push the message out in a socially driven way to broaden the conversation and build on the great work they’ve already done.”

“AAUW is a leading advocate for women and girls, and pay equity is one of our signature issues. #TheReal10 adds a new dimension to our research, advocacy, and programs focused on closing the gender pay gap. We’re excited that WONGDOODY has joined us in the fight for real change, not spare change. Initiatives like these give critical issues the attention they deserve, and also provide an opportunity to add greater nuance to public understanding,” said AAUW CEO Linda D. Hallman, CAE.

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