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Gather: 43 Years of SIFF

Gathering Around Films for SIFF

WONGDOODY today unveiled the “Gather” promotional campaign for the annual Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). This marks the 14th consecutive collaboration between WONGDOODY and SIFF, two longtime stakeholders in the Seattle creative community.

Teaming with SIFF and local production company Workhouse Creative, WONGDOODY created a comprehensive branding and advertising campaign for the festival that celebrates the power of gathering. Since prehistory, humans have gathered around fires, caves, tablets, stages, and screens to listen to a good story. That human connection is what makes the in-theater communal experience so special. It taps into something primal. Something you don’t get streaming content on your laptop, tablet or phone.

With more than 400 films screened throughout the three-week festival, the trailer uses classics like “Star Wars” and recent hits like “Beasts of the Southern Wild” to show that SIFF is the perfect opportunity to experience the exhilarating rush of sharing stories and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

The “Gather” campaign officially ushers in SIFF’s 43rd year. Recognized as one of the top film festivals in North America, SIFF will present 400 films from 80 countries during the festival’s 25-day run. For more information on SIFF, please visit

Chairman, ECD: Tracy Wong
Creative Director: Mark “Monkey” Watson
Associate Creative Director: Mishy Cass
Copywriter: Andrew “Rudy” Willingham/Chris Vail/John Schofield
Designer: Candice Nagel
Sr. Broadcast Producer: Nikki Castillo
Sr. Retouch Artist: Charlie Rakatansky
Sr. Studio Designer: Scott Engelhardt
Sr. Account Executive: Ariel Smith
Sr. Account Manager: Scott “Scooter” Churchill

Executive Director: Sarah Wilke
Interim Artistic Director: Beth Barrett
Director of Marketing & Communications: Elizabeth Rossi

Workhouse Creative
Directors: Corbin Richardson/Renato Marques/Keith Rivers
Executive Producer: Eli Martin
Head of Production: Tara Poynter
Line Producer: Megan Leonard
Coordinator: JodyLynn Tedford
Director of Photography: Max Magerkurth
1st AC: Coburn Erskine
Movi Operator: Tvaustin Glass
Camera PA: Emma Craft
Gaffer: James Winters
Grip: David Burns
DIT: Connor Creighton
Nat Sound: Connor Creighton
Art Director: Darcey Zoller
Editor: Alex Mullen
VFX Supervisors: Renato Marques/Alan Jasinski
Visual Effects: Renato Marques/Miguel Bandeira/Micael Figueiredo
Colorist: Riley O’Callaghan
Stylist: Ron Leamon
Hair and Makeup: Lindi Hagin
Styling Intern: Cecilia O’Rollings
Styling Student: Skala Leake

Casting: Amy Rene

David Emmite Photography
Photographer: David Emmite
Digital Tech: Jeremy Keity
Prop/Set Stylist: Molly Anderson
Shoot producer: Katie McClenahan
Illustrator: Fred Chao

Butter Music and Sound
CCO: Andrew Sherman
EP: Annick Mayer
Creative Director/Composer: Max Schad
Producer: Jason Weiss

Clatter & Din, Inc.
Sound Design and Mix: Sam Gray & Eric Johnson
Executive Producer: Rachel Komenski
Producer: Joanna Raustein

Elder: Larry Lali
Mother: Juliana Bondzie-Fish
Daughter: Josephine Fish
Johnathan Davis
David Bonicillo
Lindsey Yoder
Alley Jacobsen
Gus Colwell
Connor Creighton
JodyLynn Tedford
Daniel Lee
Kari Connor
Scott Isaksan
Cooper Rivers
Keith Rivers
Hannah Schwalenberg

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