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SWIRL Lip-Gloss Launch Smashes Records

SWIRL Launch Smashes Records

To launch its latest limited-edition lip gloss line SWIRL, Japanese cosmetic brand Flowfushi turned to WONGDOODY to create a bold, unexpected brand experience. To generate excitement and get SWIRL on the must-have lists of fashionable women in Japan, we created bold energetic visuals that brought SWIRL to dynamic life. Before the lip gloss was released in stores, we launched a week-long pop-up store in one of the most fashionable areas in Tokyo. Patrons waited up to 4 hours in line the entire week the pop-up was open to get their hands on the limited-edition lip gloss. Fashion editorials and beauty bloggers loved the product line and the pop-up experience, which helped lead to completely sold-out stock in department stores and drugstores before the end of the season.

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