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Creatives Care About Your Clients

Creatives: It’s Cool to Care

When you are learning how to be a creative in portfolio school, nobody teaches you that the most important part of your job is to care about your clients and their success. And if you create a genuine, respectful relationship, your clients will care about your success too.

To that point, here’s a true story. A while back, Tinder did something really smart, PR-wise. Two Kent State students had matched on its app, and flirted with each other for a couple years, never actually meeting IRL.

The internet fell in love with the ridiculousness of the texts that would randomly occur. (“Sorry, I was washing my hair.”) And Tinder stepped in, offering to send them on a date, anywhere in the world, on their dime. So these two went to Hawaii and were on GMA and the whole thing was a gas ‘n’ a giggle.

When I heard about it, I took a screenshot and sent it to a client at Tinder. Just a thumbs-up and nice-one kinda thing. Two seconds later the phone rings and it’s the client.

“I was just going to call you.”

They had something brewing, and he was certain it was too small for us, but wondered what we thought.

What began as a small request to help with one little video turned into SEVEN videos, starring Whitney Cummings.

They had an idea in the works, called “The Menprovement Initiative” and had huge support from their board of directors. And we knew with Whitney onboard, and the right director, the ingredients were there for some really fun, culturally smart work.

We had to put together a pitch and win the assignment over some really smart and accomplished companies. What won it for us was the insistence that it should be directed by a woman, and that we had found a great one — J.J. Adler with Tool.

It’s funny how this fell into our laps. And yes, sometimes the client has a really good idea.

A bit on the Menprovement Initiative. The people at Tinder know they have a problem with predatory, douche-y behavior by guys on the app. But they also know they can’t necessarily control that. What they did do, and will continue to do, is give women the tools they need to clap back at bad behavior. And hopefully, feel more comfortable on the app.

Oh, and have some fun using the new offerings of Tinder Reactions.

Matt Burgess
Creative Director

thought leadership / culture